[1] Petra Ritter Lab Charite and Max Planck Institute of Human development and cognition Berlin. Principle collaboration in neuroimaging simultaneous EEG, fMRI recordings.

[2] Anirban Dutta lab Biomedical Engineering Department, University of Buffalo, USA. tDCS, Stroke fMRI.

[3] Mriganka Sur laboratory, MIT, Department of Brain and cognitive sciences: Principle collaboration for electrophysiology, designing experiments and two-photon calcium imaging data acquisition in rodents.

[5] Viktor Jirsa lab Institute de Neuroscience des systems, INSERM and CNRS, UMR 1106, France. Theoretical Neuroscience Group, Physionet group, Neuronal networks. Collaboration for electrophysiology data and extracellular Local Field Potential (LFP) recordings.

[6] Gustavo Deco Computational Neuroscience Group UPF Barcelona Computational whole brain modeling, Neuroinformatics.

[7] Bapi Raju International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT Hyderabad and HCU) Large-scale modeling of Brain functions, functional neuroimaging in Dementia, Neurodegenerative disorders.

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