1. Invited Speaker 29th October, 2021 Cognitive Science Colloquium series at IIT Delhi Cognitive Science Department.
  2. Invited Speaker Fifth Brain Mapping and Artificial Intelligence workshop organized by IIT Delhi 11-20 March, 2021.
  3. Invited talk “Tracking Structure-Function relationship and causal dynamics associated with lifespan” Global Neuroscience Partnership meeting NBRC, NIMHANS, and University of Iowa USA Organized by Sourav Banerjee, Ted Abel and Marco Hefti November 13, 2020.
  4. Invited Speaker Brain Modes 2019 Exploring unified principles of Brain Connectivity and Dynamics  11-13 December 2019 Pokhara, Nepal.
  5. Brain Awareness week DBT star college program DDU Delhi “Brain Science foundations and fundamentals” popular lecture March 29, 2019.
  6. Invited Plenary Speaker “Aging-related resting and sensory-motor brain signals and their reorganization”  The Department of Biomedical Engineering, SSNCE Chennai Fifth International Conference on Biosignals, Images and Instrumentation  (ICBSII 2019)
  7. Invited Speaker Brain Modes 2018 Computational modeling of neurodegeneration and the aging brain 2-4 December, Havana, Cuba.
  8. 5th IISC Bangalore Cognition Workshop module Attention at Multiple Scales June 17-29 2018.
  9. Indian Association of Neuroscience Annual meeting 35th Edition Ravenshaw College Odessa Chair symposium Emergent functional architecture from structure 30th Oct 2017.
  10. A one-day symposium on Network Biology, IIIT Delhi, 28th Oct 2017. Invited talk on Network Neurobiology
  11. Workshop Language, Mind, and Brain Interfaces IIT Patna 19-21 August 2017 Invited talk  Human Brain activity and underlying changes with age in Cognition and Language
  12. Summer School in Neuroimaging (SSNI-2017) IIIT Hyderabad, India 16-21st June 2017
  13. Brain Science and Technology Tools and Techniques to Understand the Human Brain(A 5-day QIP/CEP Workshop) organized by IIT Delhi tutorial and invited talk on Brain Connectivity approaches in Cognitive Science
  14. Indian Association of Neurosciences 2016 (IAN 2016) National Brain Research Center (NBRC) Symposium Talk on the “Recovery and normalization of cognitive functions in the Cerebral Cortex” 20th October 2016
  15. Chair: Brain-Computer Interfacing parallel session IIT Kanpur 30th of September, 2016.
  16. MHRD initiative GIAN workshop tutorial IIIT Allahabad (7th Aug-16th Aug 2016) with Professor Mriganka Sur MIT
  17. WMLMIA IIT Mandi invited speaker workshop on Neuroimaging and Machine learning June 19-21, 2016
  18. Invited speaker Young Investigators meeting Center for Neuroscience University of Hyderabad  March 2016
  19.  Invited speaker Brain Modes in Atlanta (8-11 Dec 2015) University of Georgia USA
  20. Center for Brain and Behaviour University of Allahabad Invited talk 6th November 2015.
  21. CEFIPRA Indo-French invited speaker  “understanding and facilitation of neural plasticity for enhancing post-stroke recovery” AIIMS New Delhi; October 29-31, 2015 Invited talk.
  22. Amalthea 2015 IIT Gandhinagar Bioengineering symposium Invited speaker 24th -25th October 2015   [7] CRCNS 2012, Washington University medical center. Contributed poster. 3-5 June, (2012). Afferent specificity,
  23. CRCNS 2012, Washington University medical center. Contributed poster. 3-5 June, (2012). Afferent specificity, The influence of Astrocytes and subtypes of inhibitory interneurons on representations in the primary visual cortex.
  24. Neuroscience 2011, Society for Neuroscience Meeting, Washington D.C. Nov: 12-16, (2011).
  25. CRCNS 2011, Collaborative computational neuroscience network meeting, Princeton University. Poster presentation. Oct. 9-12, 2011. Influence of Astrocytes and subtype of inhibitory interneurons in visual information processing.
  26. Neuroscience 2010, Society for Neuroscience Meeting, San Diego. Session: network dynamics. Poster presentation. Nov. 13-17, 2010. Reduced dynamics of neural oscillators with global electric and synaptic coupling.
  27. Dynamic Days Europe University of Bristol, United Kingdom 6-10 September 2010. Multistability and rhythmogenesis in a spike-burst network of neurons (Contributed talk).
  28. Progress in Motor Control 2009, International conference in Human Movement science 23-25 July 2009, Marseille, France.
  29. Summer School in Computational Neuroscience June 7- 20 (2009) The University of Ottawa organized by MITACS (Mathematics for Information Technology and Complex Systems, a Canadian Center of Excellence) and MATHEON (a joint initiative of the three Berlin Universities (FU, HU and TU) and the WIAS and ZIB. Modeling rhythm generation and bursting type of behavior in a network of Neurons (talk).
  30. Brain Connectivity and Neuroimaging Workshop Maastricht Netherlands 1-3 May 2009.
  31. International Conference on Nonlinear Dynamics and chaos: 17 – 21 Sep 2007, Advances and Perspectives, Conference on the occasion of Prof. Celso Grebogi’s 60th birthday Aberdeen, Scotland, LOM model of generalized Lorenz system and route to chaos (talk).

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