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About us

Cognitive neuroscience is a field that focuses on the neural correlates of mental processes. This field combines theories of psychology and neuroscience along with computational modelling and methods.

The primary interest of our group consists of human cognition, perception and mathematical/computational modelling. Our lab uses techniques such as Electroencephalography, Magneto-encephalography,  Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and eye tracking. Cognitive Brain Dynamics Lab is housed in NBRC, Manesar in the foothills of Aravali.

The laboratory is a joint effort of Arpan Banerjee and Dipanjan Roy. It involves a diverse team with expertise ranging from biology to mathematics/statistics and physics.

Our joint work is funded by the Department of Biotechnology Dementia Science Program, Department of Biotechnology Flagship project on mental health, Department of Biotechnology, Ramalingaswami fellowship, Department of Science and Technology, DST-Cognitive Science Research Initiative and by the NBRC core funding. Other projects are funded by the DST National Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme, DST-CSRI postdoctoral fellowship Scheme.

Be a volunteer in our experiment to help us make discovery, understanding brain processes and develop future clinical applications 

We are looking for volunteers to take part in our exciting neuro-scientific research. We study human brain  non-invasively using behavioural tests, MRI, MEG and EEG. These techniques enable us to infer what is going on in your brain while you perform various tasks.


Research in the lab is generously supported by the following federal agencies :


Ramalingaswami Fellowship


Innovative Young Biotechnologist Award


Cognitive Science Research Initiative Fellowship

National Post-doctoral fellowship

Science and Engineering Board (SERB)

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