Lab recent events and news

Dr.Shubham Kumar is successful in getting DST-CSRI postdoctoral grant to start his work on Role of Brain oscillations in Insight and creativity

Two new papers from our lab published in Neuroimage and Frontiers Human Neuroscience in 2019

  1. “Atypical flexibility in dynamic functional connectivity quantifies the severity in autism spectrum disorder” Harlalka, V., Bapi, R. S., Vinod, P. K., & Roy, D.  Front. Hum. Neurosci. ; doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2019.00006 (2019)
  2. Resting State Dynamics Meets Anatomical Structure: Temporal Multiple Kernel Learning (tMKL) Model Govinda Surampudi, Joyneel Mishra, Bapi Raju Surampudi, Gustavo Deco, Avinash Sharma, and Dipanjan Roy Neuroimage Volume 184, 1 January 2019, Pages 609-620

More exciting Large-scale brain dynamics in Aging and Multiscale modeling work in progress.

Lifespan driven global brain dynamics unfolds in a multifrequency landscape. doi:

Generative framework for dimensionality reduction of large scale network of non-linear dynamical systems driven by external input

Dr.Dipanjan Roy as an invited speaker gave a presentation at the prestigious 2018 Brain Modes meeting in Cuba on “Age-related reorganization in neurocognitive networks and global brain dynamics”.

A new paper just got accepted from our Lab on Multiple Kernel Learning Model for Relating Structural and Functional Connectivity in the Brain by Govinda Surampudi in Scientific Reports 2018. February.

The new paper got accepted in Frontiers Ageing Neuroscience  Integrative network analysis reveals the cell type-specific changes in  the hippocampus of young, aging and Alzheimer’s disease

Two new papers from our lab one recently published in Brain Connectivity and one just got accepted in Neuroimage.

Link to Brain Connectivity article is here

A version of the accepted article in Neuroimage is in the preprint server

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